Characters Description



WITTY LINXY (LINXY) – (VIZI IMRE) – is a lynx, main character of the film. Brave and noble heart, Lynxy fights for the rights of the weak and needy and for the salvation of those in danger. He is sensitive to the problems of the environment from the Great Park reservation, where he lives with his friends. He becomes the leader of the expedition organized in order to get the emerald of life, expedition which proves to be a fascinating adventure, putting his courage, resistance and loyalty to the other members of the team, to a test. He symbolizes courage, generosity and wit.


PINXY-ROSE – (ALEXANDRA SABRINA VANCI) – is a lynx, Lynxy’s trustful girlfriend, whom she supports in all his actions. Positive character, protector and nurse of the ill. She is a good communicator, capable of mobilizing others when someone is in danger. She will give shelter to the rabbit White Collar and she will call an ambulance so that he is taken urgently to the hospital. Also, she proves to be one of the moral supporters of the team, when the challenges and the obstacles seem insurmountable.

FOXY BLACK SOCKS – (DORIN GRIGUTA) – is a fox. Positive character, symbol of intelligence and innovation as regards digital cartography. He is a moral supporter of the team and a good adviser. He proves to have intuition and flair as regards the negative characters, anticipating their conduct and some of their actions.

SPEEDY – (EDUARD BINDIU) – is a marten. Positive character, supporter of Lynxy. Agile, spontaneous and good knower of the Great Park reservation. He accompanies his friends in the expedition, giving them useful advices for reducing the distance to the Bat Cave, when the members of his team remain without logistics and without maps.


KIT-BANDIT – (FELIX ARTUCHE) – is a lynx, opposite of Lynxy. Antagonistic character, selfish, rood and grasping, becomes the victim of his own actions. Most of the times he acts without a plan. He has a sloppy appearance. He can be easily influenced and manipulated.


MAX-MASK – (ANDREI DINU) – is a ferret, Kit-Bandit’s friend. Negative character, insidious and opportunist, he wants to achieve his goals through the acts of others. Master of stratagems and of dissimulation, he is the main problem maker for the „nucleus” Lynxy, Pinxy-Rose, Foxy Black Socks, Speedy. He is behind Kit-Bandit’s actions, but proves he is a coward when Kit is in danger.

SCRATCHY – (CLAUDIA REVAN) – is a lynx, Kit-Bandit’s girlfriend. Intruding, envious and impulsive, she will follow Kit-Bandit to the Magic Mountain, without having the courage to climb to the cave. In the end, she will try to fix the prejudice caused by returning the precious maps to professor Long-Eared Owl, maps that her friends stole.

STRIPY – (DORU FARTE) – is a wild cat, supporter of Kit-Bandit’s actions. He oscillates between good and bad. In most of the situations, he proves to be weak, coward and undecided. He is considered the stupid of the bad boys group, disappointed by Kit-Bandit and Max-Mask’s actions and behavior.


Positive character, Long-eared Owl is a professor at the Free Academy, where the characters study. He will explain to them what the contamination of the environment means and how can the waters of the Great Park can be cleaned. He is the one that offers the solution for obtaining „the valuable object”, the emerald of life with which the waters from the Great Park can be decontaminated.

WHITE COLLAR – (SANDU BARBU) – is the character that starts the intrigue of the action. He is found unconscious on the side of the river, which makes Lynxy and Pinxy-Rose think that something is wrong.

DR. GOLD CLAW – (MARCEL MACHE MIRZA) – is a lynx, doctor. Secondary positive character. He is the one that will take care of White Collar’s treatment.

STRETCHER-BEARER 1, STRETCHER-BEARER 2 – (VICTOR MUSETEANU) – are stretcher bearer lynxes at the Emergency Hospital, secondary positive characters. They are the ones that will transport White Collar to the hospital.

ACE, STUNT – (CIPRIAN MATEIAN) – are two otters expert in rafting. Positive characters that offer solutions to overcoming the difficult situation that appeared after the prejudice caused by Kit-Bandit and his gang, helping Lynxy and his friends to cross the Otters’ River, one of the obstacles they encountered in their way to the Bat Cave. Ace and Stunt form an „affinity nucleus” together with Lynxy, Pinxy.

OLD-WOLF – (VALERIU DORAN) – is the chief of the wolf pack, grandfather of the twin wolves Ric and Roc. Positive character, he has the function of remittent of the main character. He also is the author of the letter of recommendation addressed to the Shaman in favor of Lynxy and his friends.

RIC, ROC – (VALI V POPESCU) – are two twin wolves, grandsons of Old-Wolf. Negative characters, they will produce „the absence” of Pinxy-Rose whom they kidnap to annoy Lynxy. Without Pinxy-Rose, Lynxy and his friends can’t evolve to obtaining „the valuable object” – the emerald of life.

BAT COMMANDER – (SANDU BARBU) – positive character, is the connection between the Shaman and the intruders from outside the cave. He is a communicator and a messenger, he takes the letter of recommendation written by Old-Wolf from Lynxy and takes it to addressee – the Shaman.

THE SHAMAN – (VICTOR MUSETEANU) – is a positive character, „donor” of the valuable object, the emerald of life. He also is the addressee to whom Old-Wolf has written the letter of recommendation in order to favor the main character and his friends.